Free your spine with Fit Sit

Join me for this free 45 minutes workout class. Moving on a chair has never felt so good. All too often we are told that sitting is bad for us but in fact using a chair can be a great place, if you know how, to keep your spine supple and strong.

The secret of all good movement is using the spine for effective weight transference. Learn how to do that in this class.

How your spine moves matters.

A strong and flexible spine can make all the difference between a full and independent life into our silver years or decades of increasing misery. Gravity can be our friend, or it can be our enemy.

In this Fit Sit workout class we explore the five key movements of the spine which are the ABCs of all good movement.

You will be amazed just how good you feel at the end of the class and even though the class is done on a chair the benefits will carry over into your ability to walk, balance and breathe.

Hi, I am Stewart Hamblin.

I am a UK based movement specialist, author of 'The Fit Sit Revolution' and Feldenkrais Practitioner. I am passionate about helping people to live the lives that they want to live through better movement. I realised that so many people would like to improve their movement but often don't know where to begin and that's why they start to fail as they age.

The secret of better movement is the ability to organise your movement through efficient weight transference using your skeleton and centre to support you rather than just muscles. The Fit Sit® programme is a fantastic way of learning how to do this. If you cannot move well in a chair you are not going to be able to move well in walking, standing or other more athletic activities such as running, cycling, golf or tennis. Please join me on this learning journey and you will be amazed at just how quickly you can progress and transform your own movement.

Improve your ability to balance

"Thank you, Stewart.

Your lessons have improved my posture, way of breathing, health and relaxation in daily life" Teresa Vega

Learn how to twist

"Hi Stewart,

another wonderful class that move every part of the body. thank you so much" Nouran Gergues

Flexion and Extension

"Fantástica clase para mis hombros y costillas Gracias" Cecila Dameco

"Сколько тонкой фантазии!" Larissa Zotova