The Fit Sit®for Beginners Course

'How our spine moves matters. A strong and flexible spine can make all the difference between a full and independent life into our silver years or decades of increasing misery. Gravity can be our friend, or it can be our enemy”

(The Fit Sit Revolution: Functional Fitness for the over 50s)

I know this from personal experience. I had an accident in my 30s that severely impacted my mobility. I am happy to say now that, as I approach my sixtieth birthday, that my this is better than it has ever been. I used to be a lawyer but am now a movement specialist who works with clients of all ages who come to me for help with theirs.

The good news is that we all have the ability to change and improve our movement provided we know how. 

The Fit Sit for Beginners Course is going to teach you how and you will be amazed at just how quickly you can improve. Why? Because the 16 lessons in this course will help you to move around in space more easily and once your brain recognises a better way of doing things it will embrace the change. That is what neuroplasticity is all about

The Benefits

The Fit Sit lessons in this beginners' course are easily done at home but transformational. They have the potential to change your life because they will change the way that you think about your movement. Movement really is medicine. As you feel physically empowered, so too you will feel mentally enriched. When gravity becomes your friend, you will feel more positive as you experience a sense of connection to your centre, more grounded and less stressed. You will be able to do what you want more effortlessly and with greater ease.

Join the community of Fit Sit fans

I am not the only person to say so. Here’s what just a few of Fit Sit fans have been saying on social media from all around the world:

“Wonderful. Especially when I stand up and start walking. Thanks for sharing your teachings.” - Ntathu on the Fit Sit Lesson: Easier Turning.

Thanks again Stewart! My back feels much freer and looser. I'm going to dedicate some time to going through the whole Fit Sit series!  - Dewi Hughes

Double thumbs up. What a fantastic lesson. Many thanks Stewart!  Karen Jones

“Thank you! The change was unbelievable!  - Marcanello

“Thank you, Stewart, for another wonderful session. I felt big change in my ability to turn left and right. thanks a lot”.  - Nouran Gergues

These are just some of the potential physical and neurological benefits that improved movement will give you:


  • stronger abdominals
  • a more mobile core
  • improved muscle tone
  •  a more flexible, lengthened spine.
  • improved range of motion in the hips
  • increased funtional vision
  • exercise without pain
  • increased stamina


  • improved coordination
  • better balance.
  • greater awareness of your movement
  • improved posture
  • movement from your core rather than your peripery


  • a deeper fuller breath
  • relaxtion
  • better sleep
  • a sense of being more grounded as you find support from your skeleton
  • less stressed at ageing process
  • more confident


  • learning more functional movement patters that don't wear out your joints
  • learning to move through effortless weight transfer
  • improved walking
  • dressing and undressing with discomfort


  • the ability to get in and out of your car with ease
  • to go about your daily routine tasks easily
  • dressing yourself without pain
  • delaying the effects of old age
  • being able to play with your grandchildren
  • the ability to move effortlessly like an infant through weight transference.
  • Feeling more grounded, optimistic and hopeful about the future

Improved posture

“This was indeed quite a powerful lesson (in its best sense). I was very surprised to find out my limitation when we were looking up and down while twisting. I found myself not so well organized to one side. Interesting, about every 5 minute I was doing that deep long exhale. Fantastic...After 2 weeks of your lessons (~every 3-4 day) I have noticed the image of my cervical vertebrae is not shifted to the left anymore when I palpate it with my right hand. Now I sense it exactly in the middle. Thank you, Stewart, so very much for your genius delivery of genius method. Your voice instructions are always so helpful and appropriate".

Victoria Lio on Fit Sit: Free the spine on a chair.

Incredible Value for money

·      When you buy the course, you will have access for life to 16 full length Fit Sit lessons that can easily be done at home on your own or with a friend or member of your family.

·      No special equipment needed other than a chair.

·      You can do the lessons when you want and however many times you want.

·      You will save money as to attend the lessons in person or on zoom would bring the cost of the lessons into hundreds of dollars or pounds.

Cost of 16 one to one lessons: 16 x £50 = £800

11 fully illustrated and downloadable PDF files: 11 x £19.99 = £219.98

Course value £1,019.99.

Course price £198.

If bought online you save £821.89

  • The course comes with a no questions asked 30 day guaranteed refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase

Module 1: Learn how to side bend effortlessly

Great set! you start sitting differently and walking differently! Many thanks and the best to a remarkable trainer and everybody on his channel! Tatiana, Russia

Module 2: Learn how to use the back to support the arms

Wonderful class. My shoulder blades feel well oiled! Interesting to hear about the way babies and toddlers move compared to adults. Nthathu, London.

Module 3: Workout routines

Love these chair lessons Stewart. I seem to manage most things with ease, except for the shoulders, which makes me realise how tight they are. My dream is a full body daily routine I can do in about 15 minutes (chair and/or floor). You are hands down the best Feldenkrais teacher on YouTube. Thank you for all you do! Georgia.

More about myself and the course

I used to be a lawyer but following an accident I became fascinated with how movement can be used therapeutically. I intially trained as a Pilates and Yoga teacher but it was only when I 'discovered' the Feldenkrais Method® and began to work with adults and child with special needs that many things my students and I personally struggled with began to make sense and I found the answers that I was looking for.

Traditional forms of exercise are exactly that: exercise. They are often designed to strengthen or stretch certain muscle groups but all to often fail for an individual because they don't teach the person how to actually improve their movement.

If bigger, stronger muscles is always the answer then body builders would move like dancers. Most don't.

Your superpower

As crazy as it may sound people forget how to organise their movement so that they can move well in relation to gravity. They had this 'superpower' when they were infants learning to move around effortlessly but as soon as they go to school, and life interferes, they lose the sense of how to do this. As a result, their movement becomes awkward and eventually they decline as they fail in their ability to overcome gravity.

The tragedy from my perspective is that this doesn't need to be the case and in my experience if you can help a person to re-learn how to move in a way that helps them to weight transfer effortlessly then their movement and lives can be transformed.

The key to improvement is a person's awareness

The key to improvement is a person's awareness. If you can show a person a better way of doing something as 'simple' as bringing their weight onto one sit bone then they will do it: why because it is easier.

That's what the Fit Sit Revolution (my book) is all about and that is what you will learn in this course.

You can do this at home. All you need is a chair.

Thanks again Stewart! I was amazed how much my ribs were able to compress in the side bend. Especially when imagining picking up my leg! I swear I was folding in half. Really interesting to feel the weight transference when walking afterwards. Dewi Huges

Great for my back flexibility!Temima M.

What's included in beginners the course?

In Module 1 (five lessons) you will learn how to master the key movements of the spine:

  • side bending
  • turning
  • twisting
  • curling and arching (flexion and extension)

These movements of the spine are the building blocks of good balance, good walking and balance. Think of your spine and pelvis as your suspension system. If you are able to do these movements well and integrate them into your lives then they have the potential to transform your movement and therefore your life for the better.

The key to all good movement is your ability to move through weight transference in such a way that gravity becomes your friend. In the 5th lesson you will learn how to access the power of your pelvis to re-activate this hidden super-power that we all have.

Module 2

Module 2 contain a further 7 full length Fit Sit lessons in which you will be able to relate all that you have learnt in the first 5 lessons to the use of your arms, the spine, hips and a functional movement such as how to get out of a chair.

How many people do you know who struggle to get out of a chair? They have to use their arms or a bit of momentum to help. The knees are under strain and even though they may be going up the joints are screaming because the person is actually falling rather than using their skeleton and spine for support.

The lessons in Module 2 will help to change that.

Module 3: Maintain your Gains

As you work your way through the Fit Sit Course and begin to feel the improvements in your movement you will want to maintain your gains and that is what Module 3 is all about.

It contains 4 workout classes that are designed to fit into your busy lives. If you only have 10 minutes free then there is a 10 minute all over class, perfect for getting the spine moving through its full potential.

If you have more time to spare then there are 35 minutes or 45 minute long classes too.

“What an enjoyable workout! At the end you feel so light and free in your movements! It’s such a pleasure! Many many thanks!” Tatiana, Russia

“Maravilloso programa de movimiento. Gracias por tu conocimiento Leon

The Beginners Course includes:

  Fit Sit: Mastering the Fundamentals of Good Movement
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1 The Fit Sit core lessons: the ABCs of good movement:
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: Going further with Fit Sit: Advanced lessons
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Fit Sit Workout Classes to suit your timetable
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4 New Material
Available in days
days after you enroll

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